Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I think it's time for an overhaul, time for a change. I've had Life in a Splash Page running since 2008, and it's been quite neglected over the years. As far as I can recall, the site has pretty much had the same layout since I started the site. So I thought I'd redecorate a little bit, add a nice little nav bar and a few other things which just about catches me up to most websites built in 1997. But inspired by In The Fallout being released on Comixology this past week, I figured I was do for an update.

Oh yeah, also In the Fallout is now available on Amazon! Jeff's artwork really pops on the screen, and even though I'm not one to play favorites in the digital vs print debate, it's definitely worth seeing how the pages come alive.

So thanks to everyone at Read Furiously for helping to get the book up there!