Praise for Stay Salty: Life in the Garden State

Finalist for the 2022 Feathered Quill Best Anthology or Short Story Collection.

Praise for The World Takes: Life in the Gadren State

Pushcart Nominee: Short Story - Five Dollar Cover: All Ages Welcome.

Praise for Brian & Bobbi

"Adam Wilson  has a lot to celebrate with this story. It takes an existing framework and twists it in a creative direction. He's a writer whose name I'll watch for in the future. Franco Viglino's artwork is at times sexy, playful, fresh and cinematic. He feels like he's just starting to come into its own visually as there are panels that surprise and others that feel very personal. All in all a very fun little package."
-Comic Related

"Adam Wilson the author does a phenomenal job of bringing these characters to life, with real issues that some of us remember less the super powers that they get to have. Franco Viglino’s art is easy on the eyes, and fits the story line very well."
-Comic Forge

"While in a black and white novella format this book is colorful. It is vibrant in the mind. It is full of hope and light in the face of the mundane that is reminiscent of the most well written and history defining Spider-Man stories."
-Word Dammination

A prime example of what the indie world has to offer... This is a high quality and enjoyable story, something that I will re-read and eventually give to my kids to read while my boxes of old X-Men and Spiderman sit in the closet collecting dust.
- Fanboy Buzz

Praise for In the Fallout

Writer Adam Wilson is telling a very delicate and tender story that cuts right to emotional core... At times, [Jeff] Chin’s artistic style in this comic reminds one of the classic 1991 video game “Another World” which focused more facial features and gestures to show interaction in lieu of hyper-detailed character designs. This was honestly one of the most visually memorable games in the last thirty years so the comparison should be considered high praise. 
-Freakin' Awesome Network