Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So the month of December is soon coming to a close, and so too is pre-order time for Brian & Bobbi. In these last couple of days, I thought I'd share some exciting stuff worth mentioning. Here we go.

First up, the Brian & Bobbi Trailer.

Featuring the song Superboy & Supergirl by Tullycraft. We put this together to give people a little sneak peek at the book. Feel free to give it a watch.

Next, Brian & Bobbi is trending higher than Family Guy on Google. And I think that's a pretty big deal seeing as how, at least in my opinion, Brian & Stewie are the two most interesting characters on the show.

Brian & Bobbi also got another special nod from Diamond. They've already made Brian & Bobbi one of the Spotlight Features for the month, but now it's also on their list of Graphic Novels for young adults age 13 and up. So all you family friendly comic shops out there, be sure to take notice. Brian & Bobbi's a great book for your younger readers, Diamond says so.

The book also got recognized by Examiner.com in their Guide to the February Previews Catalog. It was one of only nine indie titles picked this month.

And we've got some new reviews for Brian & Bobbi. We have our second review from the guys over at Coverless. Then there's this one, a really great review from Black Snake Studios, and this one from Young Adult Books Central. It only reaffirms Diamond picking the book as one of the graphic novels for young adults.

So in these last few days, I think a rush is in order. Everyone should head out to their local comic shop and pre-order their copy of Brian & Bobbi. The special edition that was printed for Steel City sold out in record time, and my publisher is anticipating the same thing will happen once the books hit shelves. That means the only way you can be sure you'll have your copy this February is to pre-order it now.

And while I know there are some of you without local comic shops out there, don't worry. There are tons of places online where you can pre-order the book (And get a great deal on it). Here are just a few.

Things From Another World (We actually made it all the way up to #23 on these guys Hottest Pre-Order List)
And for your international folks.

The list keeps going. These are just the first couple I came across. Chances are if you have a favorite online comic shop, you can find Brian & Bobbi on it.

So with just a few days left, and so many options, make sure you don't miss out on getting your copy of Brian & Bobbi.