Monday, September 19, 2011

Now I've been sitting on this new project for a while, not really mentioning it, but with New York Comic Con right around the bend it seems only appropriate that I finally announce it. Plus when a cover this great shows up in your inbox, it's hard not to want to show it off immediately.

This is my brand new All-Ages title called Benjamin and the Fish about the adventures of ferret named Benjamin and his best friend - a tuxedo clad stuffed mouse named Mr. Fish. I'll be working with the amazingly talented Alex Schumacher who will be handling the majority of the art for the project, but I'll also be bringing in some special guest artists throughout the run of the series. This cover for example was done by one of the best up and coming comic artists I've seen in a while, Matt Lynch. Expect more from him, cause I'll probably try to rope him into as many guest appearances as he can fit into his schedule.

Benjamin and the Fish will be published by 215 Ink. And while it's a bit too early to announce it's official release date, we will be doing a special edition preview of the series for New York Comic Con next month. So for those of you coming to the convention (particularly those of you with kids) be sure to stop on by and check it my first All-Ages title.