Sunday, April 17, 2011

Now I've been doing this blog since about 2008 and it wasn't until just yesterday that something occurred to me. While I've always done my best to keep everyone up to date about the books I'm working on, when they'll be released, where they can pick them up, ect. I've never made it a regular part of the layout.

There was never a dedicated spot on my blog that people could click and pick up a copy of one of my books. Sure there were links within posts, but as is the case with a blog, those got lost in the shuffle of each new announcement.

So to remedy this I've finally added a spot over on the right navigation where you can go to purchase my books. There's Brian & Bobbi, the special preview comic of GCD, and a general link that'll take you to all the writing and editing work I did back during my time with Twofold Comics.

And for the more tech savvy of you, I've also added a few QR codes to let you download digital copies of my stuff onto your tablet devices. Sure I'm stealing this from fellow 215 Ink creator David Pinckney, but I don't care cause it's a great idea and now that I've recently upgraded to a full on smartphone, I'm kinda in love with QR Codes.