Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I posted this over at the GCD Music Blog but I thought it was worth including over here as well.

So this past weekend I got to pick up my copies of GCD "The Demo" from the guys over at 215 Ink and I can't even believe how great they came out looking. Not only does Fernando's artwork look downright amazing in print, but 215 Ink really pulled out all the stops in helping us accomplish what we wanted to do with this book.

So what did we want to do with this book? Good question.

Just as the title and the cover suggests this is a demo. Like any band we've been laying track upon track, spending hours tweeking and rerecording in whatever room gets you the best acoustics. We know that eventually we'll get picked up by a label and be able to redo these songs in a huge studio. They'll sound polished and professional by the time the album is released, but in the meantime we're going to throw all our passion and heart into these recordings. And then, when they're done, we're gonna use that crappy old duel-deck tape recorder we have lying around and make as many copies as we can to sell at shows for $2.99.

That was what we were going for with "The Demo". And not only did 215 Ink get that, but they managed to execute it perfectly.

Just like any demo this isn't about the fine tuning, it's about the music, the art. We left some typos in the lettering, and there are even a few little spots where the grayscale isn't 100% finished. But the love of the music is there... Or in this case the love of the comic. You can see it in each page, just like you can hear it in every note of a well crafted demo.

And don't ask me how, but they even managed to throw a little static into a few pages so it actually looks like you're reading a worn out old cassette. Playing that spot in your favorite song you've heard so many times the tape's about to snap.

This is your introduction to the world of G.C.D. as raw and as real as you'll ever see it. A late night jam session, a fury of words and art and paper and ink. Shaking the windows, it'll have your neighbors banging on the walls and yelling for you to turn it down.

So to quote the inside cover:

Pat yourself on the back and get reading because by buying this book you've earned the right to brag to all your friends that you knew what GCD was way before it sold out and went mainstream.