Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, its been almost two months since I've last posted anything on here, which is probably the longest lapse in commitment I've ever had. Probably. A lot has happened in that time. So let's review.

-I got a new job. Two of them actually. Freelancing was fun while it lasted, but it had run its course and I missed being able afford things like comics, and going to the movies, and paying my rent. So I am now the Contributing Editor for Twofold Comics, handling their short story anthology series, Shrunken Wool, and the Advertising Assistant for the New Jersey Press Association. I'll let you guess which of the two is the more legitimate vocation and which one I just like doing.

- Twofold and I have developed a very symbiotic relationship in the past months. Since I'm their Editor, they're also now my publisher. The company didn't really plan on publishing anyhing other than Shrunken Wool. But since I came on board they've decided to publish Life (With Friends) when it's ready, and continue to publish Manifest Destiny, and another series I'm developing. They even helped me put together a new creative team to help Manifest Destiny come out on a more regular schedule. We're hoping for every other month.

-In terms of my comics. Brian & Bobbi is starting over from scratch. Becky had to back out for financial reasons, I tried to keep that from happening for as long as possible, but it eventually became too much. I've found a really amazing replacement artist for the book though, and we'll be starting work on it some time next month. Life (With Friends) is moving strong. We're holding off continuing it as a webcomic until we have more content done, but it'll be back soon enough.

-I'm also moving it to Drunk Duck for good. Updating so many different sites as often as I was became just too much, and to try and do that now with even more going on, just doesn't look likely. So I'll keep everyone posted on when Life (With Friends) is back online.

-And when Life (With Friends) comes back, I'll also start updating Manifest Destiny again as well. They'll both be on the same day, and both on Drunk Duck. So keep an eye out.

-To go back to that other comic I briefly mentioned, I'm working with a really talented artist, Joe Jarin, and we're just about done with the concept art. So production on that will hopefully start pretty soon.

-My work has also been showing up in a bunch of different anthologies here and there. He's the list of stuff that has come out recently and will be coming out pretty soon.

Shrunken Wool (I'm the Contributing Editor, so I'll pretty much have a story in every issue. Which is good cause it's a monthly series and that means you'll be seeing a lot of my stuff in print)
If-X #9 and 10 (#9 is available for pre-order now and #10 should be hitting shelves in either June or July)
Mysterious Visions #12 (I mentioned this one a while back, but it's finally available for preorder)
Thought Balloon Vol. 1 (This one actually caught me by surprise, I had submitted to this anthology a while ago and never heard back until recently when I got an email saying, our book is now available and your story is in it. Not much of a heads up, but let's hear it for getting published regardless!)
Candy or Medicine Vol. 7 (Vol. 7 hasn't been listed yet, but I was told it should be out some time in July)
Slam Bang #4 Vol III. (Check out the contributors list. Look who got top billing! This one is actually pretty special, the story is completely new. It's not here on the site, it hasn't been in any other anthologies, the only place to read it is in Slam Bang)
Hello, Do You Work Here (Coming some time next year from Alterna Comics, two of my short stories have been accepted into this anthology)

-So put all that together with the issues of Manifest Destiny, Life (With Friends), and my sercret project with Joe and that's quite a few comics you have to look forward to over the next couple months.

-That's about it for major stuff.

Here are some little things in case you're interested though:

-I bought a Wii. It's awesome.

-One of my Co-workers at the New Jersey Press Association just gave me something like a thousand comics because their boyfriend wanted to get rid of his collection. I'm still sorting through everything

-I'm in the process of putting together a home office in our spare room.

-My girlfriend will be graduating with her Masters this May and might be teaching a college course on superheroes in the fall.

So that's about it. Or at least that's all I can remember at the moment. Be sure to check out all those comics, and I'll see if I can't start updating this thing a little more regularly again.